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SereneSun RGB+W 18" Freshwater Aquarium & Terrarium LED Light

SereneSun RGB+W 18" Freshwater Aquarium & Terrarium LED Light

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For Aquariums and Terrariums: 18" to 24"

An incredibly minimal design packed with an array of full-spectrum RGB+W smart LED’s, SereneSun lets you focus attention on the life you lighting. Whether you are a traditional freshwater aquarist or planted tank hobbyist, SereneSun has you covered.

Slowly wake up or gently fall asleep to soothing sights and sounds, perfect for you and your fish. Relaxing and calming, there is an ambiance for any moment. The wireless remote enables you to set any color shade, listen to sounds or automate your lights on a 24-hour schedule.

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Dimensions and Specifications

  • Fits Aquariums: 18"-24"
  • Dimensions: 16.8” x 3.5” x 0.44”
  • Adjustable Docking Mounts: 2.25" Tall
  • Finish: White
  • Control: 24 Hour Multi-Color Ramp Timer and Remote (No Smart App or Voice Control)
  • Lumens: 1460
  • Power: 19 Watts (12V DC)
  • Light Spread: 120 Degrees
  • IP Rating: IP65
  • LED Count: 36 (20 RGB + 16 White)
  • White LED Color Temperature: 6,000K-8,000K
  • Planted Aquarium : Yes

Product FAQ

Will the Serene LED produce enough light for freshwater plants?
Yes, the Serene LED aquarium light fixture produces the proper color spectrum and enough PAR for medium to low level (most) aquarium plants.

How does Timer B Mode Work?
Timer B Mode allows you to program the Serene LED aquarium light with daily Sunrise, Daylight, Sunset, and Moonlight. In addition, the background light and audio can also be programmed to run daily along with Daylight. Serene’s Timer B program consists of four photoperiods:
Sunrise – 15min ramp into a 1-hour color spectrum, followed by 15min ramp to Daylight
Daylight – color spectrum runs until OFF time is reached. (Background light & audio optional.)
Sunset – 15min dim into a 1-hour color spectrum, followed by 15min dim to Moonlight
Moonlight – runs a color spectrum for 6 hrs., then turns off.
The below diagram shows the default Timer B program installed with Serene:

My timer reads "-----" and will not respond to the remote?
When the timer is in LOCK mode, the display will read “—-“. To exit LOCK mode, simply press and hold the pink LOCK key for 5 seconds. The timer will unlock and the display will read the normal time mode.

What's Included


  • 1 SERENE SUN Freshwater LED Light fixture - White Finish, 18" 19w
  • 2 Adjustable docking mounts
  • 1 12V DC UL® transformer
  • 1 Serene 24 Hour Wireless Controller
  • 1 Wireless remote control
  • Instructions

How to Set-Up Timer A Mode

How to Set-Up Timer B Mode