How to use the Vita App: ColorPlus Aquarium Lights

Vita App Support: Setting Up your ColorPlus Lights

Connecting/ Pairing your Lights


Watch the video to see how you can easily connect your ColorPlus Aquarium LED to your Vita App for smartphone control.

Alternative Pairing methods:
If you have difficulties pairing your lights with the automated process (EZ- Method), use one of the alternative methods listed below. To use an alternative pairing method, first select your device from the add device page. Then click on "EZ Mode" in the top right-hand corner of the pairing screen. From there you can choose from the AP mode or Bluetooth method to connect your lights.
Bluetooth Method: To enter pairing mode, follow the instructions on your app. Power off the device for 10 seconds and turn it back on. Then press and hold the controller button for 9 seconds. Your device's lights will begin to rapidly flash red. Select next and let the Vita App connect to your device.
AP Method: To use the AP Method, follow the instructions on your app. Power on your device, then press and hold your controller button for 9 seconds. Once your lights begin rapidly flashing red, press and hold for another 9 seconds until they begin flashing red slowly. Select next, and enter your wifi name and password. Next, go to your phone’s wifi settings. Find and connect to the device's hotspot. The network name will appear as SmartLife-####. Each device's network will show a series of numbers in place of the pound symbol. Finally, return back to the app to complete the pairing process.

Setting Timer Schedules

Step 1: Setting Ramp-Up Timers

Watch this video to learn about setting up ramp-up timers for your lights to gradually turn on. Here are a few key points:

  • You must select the days of the week you wish your lights to perform this action. If you do not select any days, the timer will not function.
  • After ramping up, if you want your lights to stay on until the next color/brightness timer kicks in, leave the run time setting at “Always.”
  • Setting a run time duration will power your lights off when you want. For example, you may wish to ramp-up your lights in the morning but want them to shut off after leaving for work. Setting a run time allows you to do this!
  • Don’t forget to set a color and brightness for lights to display when ramping up. (This will be your “Sunrise” setting).

Step 2: Set Scene Schedules

Scene schedules allow you to schedule your lights to change, brightness or scene throughout the day. Watch this video to learn about setting up schedule scene timers. 

Don’t forget to select the days of the week for this timer to run.

Step 3: Setting Ramp- Down Timers

This video explains how to set ramp-down timers to gradually turn off lights. Here are a few key points:

  • Select a color and brightness for your ramp-down setting to change your lights to a different color than what was previously running.
  • Again, don’t forget to select the days of the week you want the ramp-down timer to perform on. 

Creating Customs Scenes

Watch this video to learn about creating your own custom fades. We have already curated some dynamic fades for you! You can select one of these scenes or design your own color combinations with custom fades.

Please be sure to set the brightness for each color included in your custom color-changing fade. 

Tip: to ensure a smooth transition between colors, the brightness of each color should be similar. Otherwise, color shifts may be choppy or distracting.