Aquarium Plant Collection

Discover the perfect blend of beauty and ease with our collection of lifelike aquarium plants. Crafted to mimic the lush vibrancy of real underwater flora, these artificial plants transform any tank into a vibrant, maintenance-free aquatic paradise. Each piece comes with a weighted base, cleverly disguised with real aquarium substrate to seamlessly integrate into your aquascape. Proudly made in San Diego, California, our plants are 100% safe for all aquarium dwellers, ensuring no impact on your water's pH levels. Experience the natural, life-like texture that brings your aquarium to life, without the hassle of real plant care.

Fountain Grass Medium Green with Weighted Base

Background and Mid-Ground Plants

Our collection of background and mid-ground plants is expertly crafted to insert effortlessly between rocks and driftwood, creating an illusion of dense, lush greenery. These detailed and lifelike plants, boasting extra-thick, wide grassy blades in a vibrant green, enhance the naturalistic appearance of any aquarium

Fountain Grass Medium Green with Weighted Base - Vita

Foreground Plants

Complete your aquascape with our selection of foreground plants, designed to infuse your aquarium with vibrant colors and textures. These plants are carefully curated to blend seamlessly with each other and complement other aquascaping elements we offer. Ideal for creating a polished look, they add depth and detail to the front of your aquascape