About Us

At Vita, we're committed to more than just illuminating your aquarium. Our goal is to create aquarium products that seamlessly integrate with your lifestyle and home decor, enhancing your aquarium's visual appeal. Vita is operated by aquarium enthusiasts, based in San Diego, California.

With a foundation built on a passion for aquariums, and an understanding of what aquarium enthusiasts like you want; we are devoted to providing products that surpass customer expectations. Offering a diverse array of premium aquarium products, from cutting-edge lighting solutions to stunning aquarium decors, Vita aims to make enhancing your aquarium simple, and support you along your journey!

As a subsidiary brand of Current, a renowned leader in aquarium equipment with over two decades of expertise, Vita benefits from a legacy of excellence and innovation. Each Vita product is meticulously designed, produced, and supported by the dedicated team at Current.

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