Ohko Dragon Stone Collection

Named for its stunning, unique texture, Ohko Dragon Stone features an earthly blend of reds, yellows, greens, and brown hues combined with deep crevices. Popular in Iwagumi and Bonsai-style aquascapes, the detailed structure of these stones is perfect for anchoring plants and mosses while creating safe hiding places for small fish and shrimp.

Sculpted from actual hand-selected Ohko rock, our molded Dragon Stone features the same sharp detailed crevices and small caves found in natural stone.

Ohko Dragon Stone 3 Pcs - Vita

Choosing the Right Stone: Molded vs. Real Dragon Stones for Your Aquarium

Explore our article to learn about the differences between molded and real Dragon Stones, and discover why molded aquarium stones are often the preferred choice for many home aquariums.

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