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Vita Grow PRO 80W LED Grow Light

Vita Grow PRO 80W LED Grow Light

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Grow plants faster with the Vita Grow PRO 80 LED light. This compact, powerful luminaire combines True Red 660nm and 450n Blue. This light is ideal for hydroponic systems, seedling, and plant growth, or enhancing red colors.

High-efficiency LED chips give 700-watt incandescent equivalent power with only 80 Watts of power consumption and a compact 5x5-inch footprint. The compact footprint of Vita Grow PRO means fewer distractions from your plants and the ability to add multiple light modules, producing ample light output. 4 Cannon PRO lights can be mounted in a 12" x 12" footprint while getting 320W of LED output,  equivalent of 3,200 Watts of incandescent light output.

The Vita Grow PRO  is our brightest, most versatile commercial LED light yet. It combines all the benefits of high-density LED lighting into a compact, modular design with simple smart control. Whether you’re lighting a new touch tank, adding supplemental blue light for live corals, or illuminating a living wall – the Vita Grow PRO LED will give your exhibit the attention it deserves.

Featuring the latest in high-density multi-chip LED emitters, it produces a powerful, penetrating beam of uniformly blended light. Marine-grade aluminum housing is thermally efficient and built to last. An integrated Smart IC driver allows the light to run with no external driver. Simply mount it, adjust it, and plug it in – no wiring required.

With only a 5 x 5 inch footprint, its modular design fits almost anywhere. An integrated swivel bracket delivers light exactly where you want it, providing 360° rotation and 0°- 60° tilt. Custom glass optical lens with an 85° beam angle delivers light uniformly to a precise target area with an exceptionally high punch rate and optimal spread. The integrated lens snoot prevents any light spillage.

  • High-density multi-chip LED emitter provides superior light output
  • Swivel bracket provides easy-adjust angle and light direction
  • Plug-and-play installation, no wiring required
  • Modular – use multiple LEDs together, adjust and blend
  • Smart dimmer compatible, dimmable up to 1% with external dimmers
  • Integrated Smart IC Driver - excellent efficiency and longevity
  • Glass optical lens with snoot - uniform color blending, stunning shimmer
  • T-Slot Hardware included for T-Slot Profile installations.

Due to high output of this light, to prevent damage to your plants from too much light, we recommend using a dimmer plug and gradually increasing the brightness over week while observing the plants.

Alternatively, you can change the mounting height of the light to reduce light intensity while increasing the area of light coverage.


SPECTRUM WAVELENGTH: 450-455nm Blue + 650-660nm
FLUX: 6,088 lumens
CRI: 70
EFFICACY: 75.1 lm/w
L70: 45,000 Hrs.

SPREAD: 85° glass optical lens emits a perfect height to width ratio beam.

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