Turn your aquarium into a work of art

Transforming your aquarium into a breathtaking spectacle is easier than you think! Our carefully curated and hand-picked assortment of aquascaping decorations empowers aquarium owners at all levels to effortlessly bring your aquarium decor to life. No matter the size of your tank, you can turn it into a visually stunning piece of art.


Ohko Dragon Stone Collection

The most important part of any aquarium decor is the rocks. Discover our molded dragon stone collection.

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Manzanita Branch Brown 12.5" 3 pack - Vita

Manzanita Branches

Branches add a life-like and realistic touch to your aquascape. Our branches are molded from the actual Manzanita branches, ensuring you always get the best looking pieces.

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Fountain Grass Medium Green with Weighted Base - Vita

Aquarium Plants

Add lush, lifelike artificial plants to you aquarium without the work or maintenance of real aquarium plants.

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