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ColorCast Smart Background Accent LED Light

ColorCast Smart Background Accent LED Light

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Bring your aquarium to life with stunning depth and vibrant color fades. ColorCast Background lights combine the brilliance of color-changing LED lighting with a custom glass film background, casting your choice of stunning colors onto the back of your aquarium.

Whether you want to create a fading sunset or relax to reflections of turquoise blue water – background lighting creates an immersive experience that a printed background simply can’t create.

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Please Read

Reminder: ColorCast is an accent background light, not an aquarium light fixture. It is not intended to be used as the only light source of an aquarium.

The ColorCast Background lights are designed to be used alongside a regular aquarium light, it's not a substitute for an aquarium light. For best color blending and immersive effects pair it with a ColorPlus Aquarium LED.

What is a background light?

Regular aquarium lights illuminate the entire water column, resulting in excessively bright, monochromatic aquariums. The ColorCast background light only illuminates the back glass of your aquarium, providing depth and softens your lighting. This design makes it possible for your aquarium to be rich in color and dim at the same time, creating beautiful ambient lighting for the entire room. During the day it adds a rich color-pop to your aquarium and at night it creates a soft and warm lighting effect.

Sizing Guide

18" Model: Great for Aquariums 18" to 32". Included background film dimensions are 18" x 32".

32" Model: For Aquariums 32" to 50". Included background film dimensions are 18" x 50".

Aquariums Taller than 20": The included 18" tall background film works flawlessly with aquariums up to 20" tall (As the bottom 2" of the glass are always covered by the gravel) If you have an aquarium taller than 20", We recommend you to get the Serene Extra Tall Background Film.

72" Aquariums : If your aquarium is 72" long, we recommend getting 2 pieces of the 32" ColorCast and a Serene Extra Tall Background Film. You can link both of the lights together in the Vita App to control them as one.

What's Included

  • ColorCast Background LED
  • ColorCast Frosted Background Film
  • Mounting brackets (for behind the cabinet installation)
  • Suction cups ( for installation on framed aquariums)
  • Power Adapter
  • Wi-Fi + Bluetooth Controller Module


  • Background Film: Included background film does not use any glue or residue. Film attaches to the glass by static cling and won't leave any residue when removed.
  • App Control: Control your lights with the Vita App on your smartphone.
  • Timers and Schedules: Using the Vita App, you can set timers and schedules; You can set different colors/ brightness throughout the day or for different days of the week.
  • Voice Control: Compatible with Alexa and Google Home for voice control and smart home integration.
  • Manual Control: If you don't have your phone around you and don't have the voice control set-up; You can turn your lights on or off manually by pressing and holding the button for 8 seconds. You can also toggle between pre-set color fades.

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So Much More Than a Light

Introduce vibrant colors to your tank without overwhelming your aquarium with a single, dominant color. The ColorCast Accent Background LED allows you to create a softly lit aquarium filled with rich color and depth. Select a soothing color fade or a custom color you feel that’s perfect for you and your fish. Relaxing and calming, there is an ambiance for any moment.

Ambient Light for Your Living Space

We didn’t just make this light to spruce up your aquarium, we created a product that can turn your aquarium into a valuable part of your interior design. Make your aquarium a focal point of your living room or a cozy ambient light source that's full of life!

Serene ColorCast Smart Background Accent LED Light - Vita


See beyond a static color background and add dramatic depth where additional fades and shades make all the difference. Take full advantage of the stunning colors and fade effects of the background lighting to design a truly inspired aquascape. Included background film enhances the backlighting bringing character to your aquarium

App and Voice Control

  • Pick Your Color: Choose any color, adjust brightness.
  • Custom Color Fades: Create custom dynamic fades with your favorite colors.
  • Automate: Automate your lights with fully customizable 24/7 timer schedules. Set different colors and times for different days of the week.
  • Voice Control : Control your ColorCast background lights with voice commands when paired with Alexa or Google Home. Turn your lights on /off, change colors or adjust brightness with your voice.
  • Smart Home Ready: Integrate ColorCast to your smart home rooms, routines, automations or scenes so your aquarium lights work in harmony with your other smart home devices.

See the difference

Slide the slider on the image bellow to see how ColorCast can instantly transform your aquarium!