Slide to the slider on the image above to see how ColorCast will color up your aquarium.

How is it different than regular aquarium light?
Regular aquarium lights light up the entire water column, which results in bright and single colored aquariums.

ColorCast background light only lights up the back glass of your aquarium, giving depth and softer lighting affect. Making it possible to have your aquarium very colorful and dim at the same time, which naturally provides an ambient light for the entire room. During the day it adds depth color-pop to your aquarium and during the night, when paired with softer aquarium light settings, creates a soft and cozy lighting effect.

ColorCast Background lights are designed to be used alongside a regular aquarium light, it's not a substitute for an aquarium light. For best color blending and immersive effects pair it with a ColorPlus Aquarium LED.
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