So much more than a light

Add dramatic colors and ambient lighting for the entire room without being restricted to one loud color. With the ColorCast Accent background LED you can have dim lighting without compromising on color and depth. Select a soothing custom color fade that’s perfect for you and your fish!

Ohko Dragon Stone 4 Pcs - Vita

For your entire living space

We didn’t just make this light to spruce up your aquarium, we created a light that can turn your aquarium into a valuable part of your interior design. Make your aquarium a focal point of your living room or a cozy ambient light source that's full of life!

Color Theraphy

See beyond a static color background and add dramatic depth to your tank. Take full advantage of the stunning colors and fade effects to design an inspired aquascape. The included background film enhances the backlighting bringing even more depth to your aquarium.

See the Difference!

Slide the slider on above image to see how colorcast can instantly transform your aquarium!

Customize and Automate

With the Vita App, you can choose from over a million possible color hues. Create custom color fades, color scenes, and schedule timers, even for different days of the week!

Voice Control and Smart Home Ready

Control your ColorCast Accent Background light with your voice assistant. Link it with Alexa or Google Home for seamless integration into your smart home. You can make your aquarium lights part of your scenes or routines so they work alongside your other smart home devices.

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ColorCast is an accent background light, not an aquarium light fixture. It is not intended to be used as the only light source of an aquarium.

The ColorCast Background lights are designed to be used alongside a regular aquarium light, it's not a substitute for an aquarium light. For best color blending and immersive effects pair it with a ColorPlus Aquarium LED.

Regular aquarium lights illuminate the entire water column, resulting in excessively bright, monochromatic aquariums. The ColorCast background light only illuminates the back glass of your aquarium, providing depth and softens your lighting. This design makes it possible for your aquarium to be rich in color and dim at the same time, creating beautiful ambient lighting for the entire room. During the day it adds a rich color-pop to your aquarium and at night it creates a soft and warm lighting effect.