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Tips for Aquascaping with Dragonstone

Aquascaping a larger-sized aquarium seems like a dream to most hobbyists, however can oftentimes be both technically challenging and physically difficult. You’ve got a lot more space to play with – but also means you’ll likely need a lot more heavy hardscape material (rock) and larger-sized branches (wood.) Larger, heavy rocks and glass often times don’t mix well, and finding the perfect centerpiece stone can be challenging.

Our molded dragon stone provides a natural-looking, great alternative, especially for larger-sized aquariums. It’s lightweight, will not break or scratch glass, and is easy to position into place.  It’s also molded from actual Ohko dragon stone pieces – so what you see is what you get!

Here are 5 inspirational tips to create a stunning aquascape using our molded Dragonstone in a larger sized aquarium:


Diorama-style aquascapes mimic a natural “scene” within the tank, and recreating a flowing river or stream with dragon stone is no exception.  Leaning all of the stones and branches in the same diagonal direction will add a sense of movement and water flow. Start with taller pieces at one side, then slope them down to a shallow end. It’s minimal, yet looks incredibly natural, clean, and flowing.


While this tip goes “against the grain” of most aquascaping rules – watching smaller fish school around a single tall Pillar of dragon stone was truly mesmerizing. Our XL dragon stone is perfect for creating a tall tower of texture and adding the illusion of depth. Not only will the size contrast visually draw focus, but schooling fish like barbs and tetras swim in endless circles around it – simply captivating.


Larger aquarium = more length + depth (front to back depth) – what can be more natural than underwater mountains! The deep crevices, sharp angles, and unique texture of dragonstone make it perfect for building jagged cliffs and dramatic peaks that quickly lead to underwater trails fish (and shrimp) love to explore.  Smaller foreground plants and mosses seamlessly lead into soft, grassy valleys of green without removing scale of size.


Dragonstone is perfect for creating a concave aquascape – where the focal point becomes what’s in-between (usually nothing!). Concave layouts are popular for creating deep valleys and underwater paths that curve off towards the back of the tank, producing an Illusion of depth (especially when used with background lighting.)


The element of shadow generates a sense of tension and enhances feelings of mysterious dark nature.  Slant the sharper angles of dragonstone at a 45-degree angle will block light and produce shimmering shadows, making your aquascape look more dynamic, mystical, and powerful. It also adds visually adds a sense of deeper depth, making your aquarium appear deeper than it actually is.


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