Adenium obesum

Plant Information:

The stunning Desert Rose is known for its deep red flowers and thick succulent stem. When fully grown, plants can reach up to 10 feet in height. It is a popular indoor plant as it can be pruned like a bonsai tree and shaped as it grows. Be careful when trimming or pruning this plant as the sap can be toxic if ingested.

Plant Care & Growing

Watering: Adenium is a drought-resistant succulent and does not require a lot of water. Once seeds have sprouted, you can remove the grow wick and use it periodically to keep the media pad moist – never soggy.

Lighting: Adenium does best in very bright light, so ensure your Vita aquarium receives plenty of indirect sunlight or use our Vita LED light.

Temperature: Average room temperatures between 75- 80°F/24-27°C are ideal. Seeds will sprout faster in warmer temperatures closer to 80°F/27°C. If you transplant your Adenium into a pot and have it outdoors for the summer, don’t worry — it can take the heat. Just bring the potted plant back inside when the temperature drops.

Transplanting: When your Adenium reaches 4” in height, carefully remove the plant and media pad from Grow Tray to a pot with soil. In warmer regions, they can be planted outdoors.

Note: Once seeds have sprouted, remove clear humidity dome and cover entire grow pad with gravel. Remove wick to avoid overwatering.

Troubleshooting & Tips

If seeds will not sprout Don’t give up, be patient. Adenium seeds can take up to 30 days to sprout. Warmer temperatures around 80°F/27°C will decrease sprouting time.

Leaves Turning Yellow/Falling off : During normal growing season, this indicates overwatering or underwatering. If pad is wet (not moist), remove the grow wick. If pad is completely dry, insert grow wick or spray plant/pad with water. Do not let dry out and do not keep too wet. In winter, it is OK to let it dry as the leaves will turn yellow and drop off – DON’T PANIC! Leaves will grow back when the weather warms up.