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Where can I purchase a Vita™ and when will it be available for purchase again?

The Vita will be available quite soon for resale at www.ecoxotic.com.

How much will the Vita cost?

We will have many kits and accessories available soon on www.ecoxotic.com.

What is the size of the Vita™ tank?

Vita features a Superbright glass aquarium tank measuring 6” x 6” x 8” high and has a volume of 1.2 gallons/4.54 liters.  The Superbright glass is ultra-clear for optimum viewing.

What’s included with Vita™?

We will offer multiple Vita™ versions , each including different accessories. Please follow us on Facebook for updates.

What type of plant was featured in the video? Can I grow other plants with Vita?

Our Vita™ is growing “Joe Pachypodium” – a drought resistant succulent we sprouted from a little seed.

Yes, we’ve currently grown many plants with our Vita™ and have had great success with many types of house plants – including Adenium Desert Rose and Wheatgrass. We will post more information and photos of the plants we’ve grown soon.

What type of fish can I keep in Vita™?

Vita™ was designed strictly for Betta fish and we do not recommend keeping other types of fish in it.

Does Vita™ feature a filter and aerator?

Vita™ features an aquaponic style filter, efficiently keeping the fish water clean of waste while feeding the plant nutrients.  As Betta fish are labyrinth breathing fish, Vita™ does not require an aerator and is completely silent.

How easy is Vita™ to maintain?

Vita™ is incredibly easy to care for and requires very little maintenance.  There are no filter pads to replace, no chemicals to add – you just need a few minutes a week and a little bit of fresh water to keep it clean!  We will post more instructions and maintenance tips after Vita™ on our blog.

Does the vita require any water changes, or do you just top off the water?

You should keep the water level high enough that it hits the bottom of the tray so the plant can use the exact amount of water it needs. It is best practice to change out 20% of the water every 2 weeks or 50% of the water once a month.

Does the plant/tree get watered by the fish water or are they separated? How to set up the theme?

Yes, the plant gets to exact amount of it needs from the tank water. It is best to try and keep the water level high enough that it hits the bottom of the tray.

Will the single tank LED be enough to supply some very low light aquatic plants?

Absolutely, the LED light used will grow low to medium light requiring plants with no issues!

Is there enough surface area for the beta to get adequate oxygen?

Yep! The grow tray actually features a built-in vented air pocket underneath the tray/planter bottom.  It’s hidden, but provides additional surface area for oxygen and gives the betta 95% access to the air/water surface.

Are there other plants that could successfully grow in this? Bonsai tree? Herbs?

Although you can grow many types of plants, herbs and microgreens with the Vita, we are focusing our efforts with drought resistant plants (especially the Pachypodium) as they can later, easily be transplanted outdoors.

How long have you kept a Betta fish in the Vita?

Our oldest male Betta fish has now been with us for 2+ years and was originally in a prototype tank a bit smaller than the current Vita model.  He is still very healthy, happy and growing well!

Over time will there be algae growth on the walls of the tank? If so, how will I clean this and where will all that algae go?

We do recommend changing 50% of the water once per month, most hobbyists will simply transfer 50% of the water and the betta into a small container – then clean the side walls of the tank of any algae and remove the remaining water.  The tank can then be refilled with spring water and the fish/remaining water can be replaced into the clean tank.  You can use one of our cleaning magnets or a simple aquarium cleaning pad (just no soap!)

How long does it take to grow the plant from seed? Also the video says to plant it outside at a certain point, does it do well in any climate?

In our experience, a Pachypodium plant takes an average of 5-6 months from seed to needing transplanted (5-6” tall.) These plants are drought resistant succulents, so it will need a warmer, dry climate if planted outside.  They are extremely popular houseplants, so if you live in a location with cold weather/snow, it is best to keep them indoors.

Are the plants invasive species to certain areas? Im curious because certain plants are depending on where you live

Great question!  While you may want to check with your local state DNR, Pachypodium sp. Is not currently listed as an invasive species (http://www.invasive.org/species.cfm).  

How does the submersible heater you recommend work?

The heater we recommend to use with our Vita is a 5 watt submersible heater designed for aquariums up to 1.2 gallons.  Once plugged in, it always stays on and will raise the temperature up to 10 degrees F (5 degrees C) above ambient room temperature.  In warmer ambient temperature locations, excess heat dissipating from the glass aquarium counter acts the low power of the heater itself, so it will not overheat the tank.  The heater is ETL/cETL approved for use with aquariums.

How does the LED timer work?

The timer button on the remote resets an internal 24 hr. clock for the plant & aquatic light.  If you press the timer button on the remote on at 7am in the AM (while pointing it at the Vita light), the lights will begin to ramp up over 15 minutes and will run for 12 hours before ramping down, then automatically turn back on at the same time the next day.  Just remember, if you adjust either the plant or aquatic light manually during the day or night – you will need to reset the clock again the next day.

Grow pad not getting completely wet/starting to dry out?

Make sure that the grow wick is level and in contact with the Media Pad

Should the water level be above or below vita grow tray?

The Water level should be in contact with the bottom of the grow tray. However, if you are using the LED arm accessory then be sure to have the water level below the aquatic LED as it is not submersible.

Where can I purchase the LED Arm accessory

Vita accessories are now available for purchase on Amazon.

How should the seeds that I am not using be properly stored?

In a cool dry dark environment away from direct sunlight and moisture.

Aquatic LED has stop working / starting to flicker

Make sure your LED aquatic light is not submersed. If it was submersed, let it dry out and turn it back on. If you still run into issues please contact us via private message on Kickstarter.

I noticed a lot of air bubbles in my tank when I filled it and/or did a water change, will they go away?

Small and tiny air bubbles on the tank is very common with new water and will slowly disappear as the water ages. They are quite common in all newly setup tanks and will not harm anything.

With LED light you cannot have water up against grow tray, will this have any impact on the plants or fish?

No, because the wick will bring water up to the plant and grow media.

Should the LEDs be turned on/ off during the germination period?

Yes, It is best to keep your plant light on during the germination cycle.

There is a issue with my order. What is the best way to get help?

Please private message us through Kickstarter and we usually will get back to you within 24 hours Monday- Friday. It is important to us to get you taken care of!

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