Plant Information

The Coleus (Rainbow Mix) is very easy to plant and grow. It germinates quickly and produces phenomenal foliage colors. They are in season annually and are very commonly sold in nurseries. The colors they produce can be a mix of green-yellow, red, and sometimes bronze. They make great house plants and can even be transplanted outside

Plant Care & Growing

Watering: Coleus germinates best on moist, damp media. So we recommend keeping the grow wick and plastic humidifying dome on during germination. In our experiences we have seen great result keeping the wick attached to the tray 24/7. Results may vary.

Note: Once the Coleus sprout to be about 2-3cm, remove the humidifying plastic dome.

Lighting: Coleus does best under well lit conditions. If you have the Vita LED Light, then we would recommend keeping it on during the entire time of its germination. If you are not using the Vita LED Light, then we would recommend placing the Vita aquarium in an area that will receive occasional indirect sunlight.

Temperature: It is best to grow Coleus in an environment with temperatures between 65-85 Degrees fahrenheit.

Troubleshooting & tips

Moldy seeds and or sprouts indicate that there may be too much water in the Grow Media. Remove the grow wick for a day to allow the pad to lose some water, occasionally spray with mister; re-attach grow wick if media becomes too dry.

Place 2-3 Coleus seeds directly on the top of the Grow media, space each group 2-3 inches from each other.