Plant Information

Wheatgrass is one of the easiest plants to sprout and grows very fast. The seeds germinate rapidly and the adult plant gets very tall. While very popular for use in shakes and juicers, we do not recommend consuming Wheatgrass from the Vita as many aquarium chemicals are not FDA approved for humans (however your cat may love it!)

Plant Care & Growing

Watering: Wheatgrass does best on moist media, so we recommend keeping the grow wick installed the entire time.

Note: You can always trim your Wheatgrass to keep it under control as it will grow very tall!

Lighting: Wheatgrass does not require a lot of light and can be grown almost anywhere. If your growing Wheatgrass and using our Vita LED light, we recommend trimming the grass to ensure it does not get too tall and droop over.

Temperature: Average room temperatures between 75- 80°F/24-27°C are ideal. Seeds will sprout faster in warmer temperatures closer to 80°F/27°C.

Troubleshooting & Tips

Moldy seeds Indicates there is too much water. Remove the grow wick for a few days and allow the pad to lose some water. You can also move your Vita where there is an increase in air circulation like an open window or near an AC vent.

Blades are turning yellow Indicates underwatering. If pad is not moist or wet, spray with water and ensure wick is in place. If wick is not transferring water to the Grow Media, replace it with a new wick.